Our Farm-Video: Neuhof in Summer

2-minute "NEUHOF" experience...

...a paradise for children

The wide range of landscape that South Tyrol displays cannot be found in any other part of Europe. The countryside has been shaped by centuries of farming culture - broad pastures sheltering beneath rugged Dolomite rock, orchards gracing the Mediterranean town of Meran, vast vineyards seaming the long/wide valleys....

Do you have two to three children, a few day`s holiday and the necessary sense of adventure? Do you want to get back to nature, have fun as a family and experience a warm welcome from your hosts? Yes? Ok, than load it all into the car and drive off to South Tyrol to enyoy pure nature....

While the kids play with the rabbits stack hay or pick raspberries, the grown-ups with be able to take a long-earned rest, simply lounging around and enjoying the time with the children. Tempted?

  Arrival Departure
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